Kitchen Makeovers

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The kitchen is the command center of every home. It is the focal point, where people gather to eat, relax and socialize. Consequently, kitchens take a lot of use and abuse, and that's why kitchen makeovers are so high on homeowners' remodeling lists.

In addition, kitchen cabinetry, appliances and flooring typically go out of style every 10 years or so. Because of all those factors, a kitchen remodeling project is one of the best home-improvement investments you can make.

That said, a kitchen makeover is not cheap. The typical kitchen remodeling project can set you back $15,000 to $20,000, depending on the size of your kitchen and the materials you select.

There are numerous kitchen makeover ideas that you can employ to transform your old and outdated kitchen into a modern and contemporary one. Listed below are some key ideas that you may want to consider in your kitchen makeover project.

Kitchen Cabinets

At the heart of every kitchen makeover project is a solid and well-thought-out kitchen cabinet design. The design specifies items such as the size and location of cabinets, the kitchen work area and where appliances will reside. In addition, it defines your tastes and style based on the types of cabinetry and features you choose. For example, do you prefer a modern or country kitchen style?

When developing your kitchen cabinet design, also consider the inclusion of an island, possibly one with a sink. Kitchen islands make great workspace areas and often can double as quick-eating areas.

Whatever particular design style you choose, always make sure that your new kitchen cabinets will be functional, as functionality is just as important as style.

Kitchen Flooring

As part of every new kitchen makeover remodeling design, you should evaluate the myriad flooring choices. Vinyl, wood, laminate and ceramic tile all have their pros and cons. Vinyl is the most economical and practical kitchen flooring choice, and it is available in a plethora of patterns and styles. Wood and laminate flooring are a notch up in looks, but water is always a concern when it comes to wood flooring.

Ceramic tile is probably your most expensive option, but it is quite durable. However, a ceramic tile floor is quite expensive to install, and the risk of breaking a tile is always high. Ceramic tiles also can be a bit cold on the feet.

Kitchen Appliances

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are what most homeowners and buyers prefer today. Consequently, including them in your kitchen makover plans is very wise.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances can cost a small fortune for certain brand names. There are, however, some affordable options from certain household appliance manufacturers.

Kitchen Faucets

Another excellent kitchen makeover idea is to include a large and multifunctional kitchen faucet. Consider selecting a kitchen faucet that can provide both a steady stream of water and a shower spray. Also, make sure your choice includes a soap dispenser.

Kitchen Lighting

Abundant lighting is paramount in every kitchen makeover project. Every kitchen should include natural lighting, as well as electric. If there is currently no window in your kitchen, consider installing one if at all possible. Consider overhead work lighting, as well as general room lighting. In addition, consider adding lighting in the kitchen cabinet soffits, as well as under the top kitchen cabinets.

Though an electrician may be necessary, including copious amounts of lighting in your kitchen makeover plans will pay off in spades when you sell your home.

Kitchen Window Treatments

One way to add color and panache to a kitchen is in your selection of kitchen window treatments.   In your makeover, be sure to choose bright colors, so light easily enters the kitchen.  

Kitchen Wall Coverings

Kitchen wall coverings can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. However, for more style and texture, you may want to consider adding chair rail and wallpaper to the walls. Other kitchen makeover ideas to consider include paintings, pictures and other types of wall hangings with a kitchen theme.

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